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FairForward B.V.

Welcome to the English version of our website. We are currently working on the development of our website, also in English. Therefore this page will guide you through the main topics of our company and website.

First of all, who are we?
FairForward B.V. was set up in March 2013 when Fair Trade Original, since 1959, split up in two separate companies. FairForward concentrates on importing and distributing the Gifts & Living products under the ‘Fair Trade Original’-label.

FairForward is based in the Netherlands but our products can be bought throughout the world. We are a wholesale company and therefore it is not possible for consumers to buy products with us directly. If you are a company and feel that our products would be a welcome supplement to your existing collection, please contact us through
On our website you will find a large selection of our current collection of Gifts & Living products. They can also be found in our brochure that can also be downloaded in English.

Looking for one of our products?
You will find a couple of our distributors and customers below. If you would like to know where our
products are sold near you please contact us through

Austria – Design Galerie and Beechange 
Belgium – Oxfam Fair Trade Bierbeek
Denmark – FairTradeGruppen
France – Pop Corn, Boutic Ethic and Ann Gisel Glass
Germany – Fairtrade Center Breisgau and Magazin
Italy – La Rinascente and LiberoMondo
Sweden – House of Fair Trade and Asenda
Switzerland – Claro Fair Trade, Changemaker and Möbel Pfister
United Kingdom – Pad Home, SCP, Eighteen Rabbit and Rowen & Wren

Outside Europe we work with the following companies:

Japan – Space Joy Corporation
United States of America – Be Home and Anthropologie



Fair Trade Original gifts & living producten worden exclusief ontwikkeld, geïmporteerd en op de markt gebracht door FairForward.

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