Wholesale of Gifts and Living products

FairForward offers developing trade. Together with our business partners in Africa, Asia and Latin-America our way of working contributes to fight poverty. We built profitable and durable trade relations, keeping respect for everyone’s dignity and independency.

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Fair Trade & Sustainability

Our approach is the result of decades of experience with promising producers on one hand and the consumer who opt for honest products on the other. The bridge between these two worlds is our specialty.

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About FairForward

Since January 1th 2018 FairForward has joined forces with Eco Collection, tuyu and Tilingo Nepra. The unique new organisation will be focusing on fair trade home decoration and gift products. Product can also be developed private label. De combined experience and knowledge of the four organizations offers a wide range of trendy fair trade and sustainable produced gifts & living products.

FairForward will keep it’s own destinctive way of doing business, which has lead to an attractive assortment and offers opportunities for development to it’s producers in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. Our working methods are the result of decades of experience in working with promising producers as well as having consumers who are looking for a beautiful product with a story to it. It’s our specialty to bring these two worlds together.

Our products are available at the cash & carry center FairPlaza in Culemborg and through our webshop.

Place an order?

FairForward’s webshop will make it easy for you to (re) order products. Prices shown in the webshop are per item. We deliver in packaging quantities. The box Quantity will tell you the number of pieces per packaging.

Transportation cost and delivery time
We can ship by pallet or by package. After receiving your order we can give you our estimate for the delivery costs. Normally we can deliver 4 – 5 working days after receiving your order / pre payment. With new customers we ask for a pre payment for the first order.